Eagle Show Adventure

This 7-hour adventure will take you up Discovery Passage and into mainland areas in search of Spring Bears, Orca, Dolphin and Porpoise. After a relaxing lunch in a remote location, the highlight of this tour comes next…the Eagle Show!

Eagle Tour Campbell River
Campbell River Eagle and Wildlife tours

Join us for a very unique Bald Eagle experience!

In June and July, in a very particular spot in the Discovery Islands, there are a handful of days where massive tides cause a feeding frenzy that locals refer to as the “Eagle Show”. We are already going…wanna come with us?

All tours are not created equal, and our “Eagle Show” tour is very special indeed. Rather than scheduling this tour to meet the demands of humans, we’ve scheduled this tour to put us in the right place, at the right time to witness a wildlife feeding frenzy. This means our departure and arrival times vary to meet the animals’ feeding schedule.

Timing is critical because for just a few hours, on only a handful of days each year, the tide runs extra fast causing migrating fish (Hake) to get sucked up from the depth so fast that they cannot survive. This results in an all you can eat buffet that attracts Bald Eagles in numbers that can sometimes number in the hundreds! Sea Lions, Seals, and many other migratory and resident birds also take full advantage of this bounty, resulting in a 360-degree feeding frenzy! But this event is only a part of this tour…we have the trip up, and the trip back each with their own opportunities.

Departing Campbell River, we will head up Discovery Passage on a falling tide and keep a good look out for bears foraging on the beaches. We will keep a sharp eye out for Orca, Humpbacks, Dolphin and Porpoise. While not always sighted on this portion of the tour, these routes have proven highly successful in the past.

After the Eagle Show…we will tie up at a remote spot for lunch, or maybe just float around and enjoy the deafening sound of silence in the glacial waters of Bute Inlet. The second half of the tour will see us work our way back to the south towards Campbell River with a focus on whales and orca. All whale watching boats share sighting information, and as we weave our way through the islands back to the south, we will have opportunities to view these magnificent whales without feeling rushed. 7 hours after our departure, we will have you back to Campbell River and send you on your way to tell your friends about your incredible day!

Select dates between June 1st, and July 31st, 2024

Common sightings can include: black bears, sea lions, seals, grizzly bears, orcas, humpbacks, porpoises, bald eagles


7 hours of wildlife, eagle, whale viewing and travel to/from locations

3rd – 08:00
4th – 08:00
5th – 09:00
6th – 09:00
7th – 10:00
17th – 08:00
18th – 08:00
19th – 09:00
20th – 09:00
21st – 10:00
22nd – 10:00

2nd – 08:00
3rd – 09:00
4th – 09:00
5th – 10:00
6th – 10:00
17th – 08:00
18th – 08:00
19th – 09:00
20th – 09:00
21st – 10:00

Select dates June 1-July 31, 2024. All tours depart/arrive at the Discovery Harbour Marina. The office is located on the main walkway at “G” dock. Campbell River, Vancouver Island BC, Canada

$269 adults
$239 for children 12 and under

*Taxes not included. Fuel surcharge may apply. Tours may be cancelled unless we have a minimum of four guests. 

Lunch and refreshments are included on our 7-hour tour.

West Coast Weather can be unpredictable, while you will be travelling in a heated, covered boat…it is recommended that guests dress in layers, bring your jacket and don’t forget your camera for an unforgettable, exclusive west coast eagle show experience!

We can accommodate groups of up to 20 on two boats. Discount rate available, call or email for details.


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